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Summer Clinic Series

Summer Clinic Series - back for 5th year!

The Registration "Summer Clinic Series" is not currently available.

Americans is proud to continue the summer soccer program for girls and boys for ages K thru 8th Grade.  The Americans "Summer Clinic Series" is geared to bridge the gap between the Spring and Fall soccer seasons and creates a fun way for players at all levels to continue to develop their skills for the soccer seasons to come.

2022 Summer Clinic Series

Americans is offering 3 wonderful summer clinics:


6 Week Clinics @ Crestwood Lake Park in Allendale NJ  (300 West Crescent Road)

  • Foot-Skills and Dribbling - Mondays 5-7 pm
  • Shooting and Finishing - Wednesdays 5-7 pm
  • Goal-Keeping Mastery - Wednesdays 5-7 pm


Two Registration Options:

  1. Register for full 6 week clinics - $280 per full clinic
  2. Register for a single or multiple days of clinics - $52 per day (single session)


Clinic Session Weeks:

  1.  Monday June 27th  & Wednesday June 29th
  2.  Monday July 11th & Wednesday July 13th
  3.  Monday July 18th & Wednesday July 25th
  4.  Monday July 25th & Wednesday July 27th
  5.  Monday August 1st & Wednesday August 3rd
  6.  Monday August 8th & Wednesday August 10th


see below for clinic curriculum details.

The Registration "Summer Clinic Series" is not currently available.

Foot-Skills and Ball Mastery

All techniques will be taught from Coerver Coaching.  Skills will be taught in isolation to be able to execute the skill. Move onto passive pressure to get used to beating defenders.  Small sided games/scrimmages will be utilized so players can use the skills in actual game scenarios.


Session Plan and Skills Build-up:

Session 1: Inside/Outside Cuts & Drag backs

Session 2: L Turn & V Turn

Session 3: Roll Over & JJ Okocha Move

Session 4: Matthews Cut & Scissor Move

Session 5: Single Lunge & Double Lunge (Also known as the Fake & Take)

Session 6: Cruyff Turn & Ronaldo Chop (Bonus move is the Maradona)


20 - Minute Segments & Session Breakdown:

  • 20 minute skill development, to learn the skill and execute at speed without defenders.
  • 20 minute passive pressure towards stationary defenders to develop awareness and spacing for skill
  • 20 minutes 1 on 1 set up with full game realistic pressure.

The second hour will be spent applying the skills in small sided games/scrimmages.

Each session skill is related, so many of the movements are similar, but second skill is more challenging. 

Shooting and Finishing

Session Plan and Skills Build-up:

Session 1: Shooting (Power)

Session 2: Shooting (Accuracy)

Session 3: Aerial Finishing

Session 4: 1st Time Finishing

Session 5: Turning to Shoot & 1 on 1's

Session 6: Crossing & Finishing


20/30 - Minute Segments & Session Breakdown:

Hour #1:

  • 20 minutes - learning technique, which of foot addresses the ball for each strike.
  • 20 minutes - striking at targets with a moving ball
  • 20 minutes - shooting with stationary obstacles to challenge the player shooting

Hour #2:

  • 30 minutes -  shooting and finishing with goalkeepers
  • 30 minutes - game situation with focus on shooting with goalkeepers

Goal-Keeping Mastery

Session Plan and Skills Build-up:


Session 1: Ball Handling

Session 2: Diving/Agility & Reactions

Session 3: Footwork & Shot stopping

Session 4: Distribition

Session 5: Dealing with 1 on 1's

Session 6: Dealing with High Balls (Catching)


1 Hour Segments & Session Breakdown:

Hour #1:

Individual goal keeping development with professional trainer who has specific goal keeping experience.

Hour #2:

Integrate with the Shooting and Finishing clinic to continue development through peer challenges and game situations.

Parents:  If you have registered for one of our Summer Clinics please read our Clinic Preparation Document before the coming to the clinic.

The Registration "Summer Clinic Series" is not currently available.

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