We currently have multiple documents available to help parents, GMs, and coaches with field scheduling, whether its for weekly practices or games. See our details below to stay up to date with the Americans field schedules.

Americans Soccer Club board and GMs can manage the back end SportsEngine functionality by accessing it direction here.

Practice Schedule

  • Please be sure to check the practice schedule weekly as it is possible your normal practice day/time/field could change if required

  • No practices are allowed on any fields unless listed on the practice schedule or specifically approved

  • If you have any questions, need to make any changes or request a facility, please contact Brian Deane via email or at 201-264-5520

Game Schedule


  • For any field related issues, first call Brian Deane at 201-264-5520

  • In an emergency, flags, sand bags, lining equipment and paint is located by garage at: 
    2 Deer Trail Road, Saddle River, NJ 07458 – MAP

Requesting Fields for Games

A. Review the rules, as seen below:

  • Study our GM Responsibilities Handbook and the NCSA rules

  • Per NCSA rules, there can’t be a gap between games scheduled at that field on the same day to ensure referee assignments. In other words,request your game directly before or after another game with the following time between game start times

    • U9-U10:  1.5 hours between games

    • U11-U12:  1 hour, 45 minutes between games

    • U13-U19:  2 hours between games

  • Requests must be submitted to NCSA by Sunday evening to be effective that coming weekend or 7 days in advance if during the week

  • The league will arrange for referees

  • Please try not to schedule a game during the week unless there are no other options

  • Subject to blackout dates and times, these are the fields available to us:

            Full-sided: Crestwood Park (Jr Football, Multipurpose, Red Barn), Lions Park (North Full, South Full) Northern Highlands, Rindlaub Park, St. Joseph’s, One Lake Street Turf
           Small-sided: Bogert, Crestwood Park (West Maple), Guardian Angel, Lions Park (North Small, South Small), Presentation, St. Luke’s, One Lake Street Turf

B. Determine availability and request a field:

  • Check our Home Game listing and keeping the above rules in mind, try to figure out where your game would fit in – ideally just before or after another series of games. Find a few options to discuss with your opponent.
  • Contact Brian Deane via email or at 201-264-5520 to request a field time.  He will respond and let you know if it is confirmed or if there are any issues.